Quantum Data Analytics work closely with a number of client-partners, spending time understanding their data, their processes and their ambition. Our clients to date include all sizes of businesses, from startups to multinational operations. 

Internal operational review and guidance regarding European debt portfolio activities.

Evaluation of merger & acquisition targets both within the UK and EU, validation of future recoveries forecasts.

Business Plan evaluation and review in conjunction with setting business strategy. Board seat enables maximum input.

Debt Portfolio evaluation in new European territories.

Quantum assisted Carlyle with the evaluation of M & A target in Oceania.

Foretasted future recoveries evaluation for merger & acquisition target within U.S.

Quantum assisted SilverFleet Capital with the evaluation of M & A target in Scandinavia.

We are service providers to a number of Government Departments.

Business plan formulation & evaluation providing a foundation to scale and future exit. We form part of  the Board enabling us to guide in the future expansion.

Using both internal and external data sets to determine what a typical customer looks like and how to and more customers to achieve scale.

Quantum has assisted Acora with reporting solutions and providing business intelligence services.

Quantum assisted this leading YouTube channel with viewership analysis and deriving a forecasts for both views and forecasts.

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