Apr 8, 2020: Quantum Data Analytics, one of the UK’s leading financial sector data analytics companies, is pleased to announce Preet Parikh has joined the company as Data Scientist.

Preet’s new role is responsible for developing the company’s future business application to help automate Quantum’s NPL-valuation modelling.

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Quantum Data Analytics new Data Scientist Preet Parikh

With a background in data science, Preet achieved a BSc Actuarial Science degree from London’s Cass Business School.

On his new position, Preet said, “My role in the company includes specific domain research, implementing and evaluating semi-supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms with an aim of developing and deploying a well-tested product.

“Additionally, my in-depth knowledge of algorithms and knowledge from my degree such as financial modelling allows me to interpret results both visually and verbally in a layman manner to clients and seniors of the company.”

Quantum’s CEO Rich Hunton said, “We are delighted to have Preet join the team.  This is an important new role within our organisation as we strengthen our position in the data analytics sector.

“QDA are working on a number of worldwide projects which Preet will become heavily involved in. We look forward to seeing the benefits of Preet’s involvement over time.”

Preet started his new role in March 2020 at Quantum’s head office in Worthing, West Sussex.

For more information on Quantum Data Analytics please call 0207 632 7565 or visit quantumda.co.uk.


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